Addressing and fixing specific problems in different areas represent a boost to improve our skills, making the experience gained on a wide range of cases and the opportunity to develop the best response to different needs, available to the customer.
supercharged race engine section with details
double wishbone race car rear suspension


Most of the experience of Revenge Engineering has its roots in Motorsport, a very demanding environment in which know-how and quick response times are of the utmost importance to achieve the end result.

Some of the areas we can provide support in are:

  • Study and design of engine and transmission components;
  • Structural analysis and tuning of frames and subsystems;
  • Kineto-dynamic suspension analysis and component design;
  • Data processing and analysis for car setup.


Working closely with engineers and specialists from the world's leading car manufacturers throughout our professional life enabled us to develop and refine the technical skills needed to meet the requirements of the "time to market".

Main areas of application include:

  • Vibrational analysis and transmission system design;
  • Study and design of vibration dampers;
  • Feasibility study and design of hybrid modules;
  • NVH optimization of vehicle subsystems;
  • Kinematic/dynamic analysis and design of crankshafts, valve trains, timing drives, engine ancillaries.
high performance road car concept
timing and accessory drive high performance engine
variable pitch system airplane propeller
propulsion line for marine propeller


Both in aerospace and marine applications, due to the need of reducing experimental iterations on prototypes, the optimization of individual mechanical components or subsystems requires significant prediction skills, especially in terms of reliability.

Integrated modelling capabilities and theoretical and experimental analysis can be a valuable support, especially for small businesses that are in the position to face unusual issues without having the appropriate skills and tools.


Our expertise can be used in the study of any industrial system in which moving parts are involved.

The experience gained in the automotive field on the design and testing of components has led us to develop fundamental knowledge in the design of test benches for a variety of different applications, and evaluate failure modes.

bearing analysis application industrial machinery
rotating machinery 3D model