Revenge Engineering was established in 2014 to provide advanced engineering services.

progettazione simulazione modellazione sistemi meccanici

For over 25 years in the car industry

The founders have been working in the automotive industry for over twenty five years and have been an active part in a significant number of projects for the largest auto manufacturers in the world.

Our skills have their roots in testing, modeling, simulation and design of mechanical systems with a special focus on the vibration analysis and reduction in internal combustion engines, in drivelines for cars and heavy duty vehicles and component design for engines and vehicles.

Experience in Race Engineering

Over twenty years in race engineering with factory teams and drivers in the major national and international series made us to improve our expertise on special topics typical of a high demanding environment such as motorsport.

Our passion for mechanics and design pushed us to offer a range of services through the use of techniques typical of large organizations with reduced times of a small and lean structure.

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