3D printed prototypes

Your custom printed idea!

3D model paddle shift actuation system sequential race gearboxes
3D prototype paddle shift actuation system sequential race gearboxes

At Revenge Engineering we use 3D printing to make small prototypes for quick dimensional checks or functional components.

We are able to print individual parts of maximum dimensions 215 x 215 x 200mm and assemblies with larger final dimensions.

Used materials



Good strength to weight ratio, low coefficient of friction and flexibility. Ideal for functional prototypes and simple final parts.


Excellent surface finish and it comes from renewable organic sources. It can be used for a wide range of applications.

Tough PLA

Combines the toughness of the ABS with the ease of use of the PLA. Useful for printing functional prototypes and simple equipments.


Excellent mechanical properties, ideal for functional prototypes and final products. Maximum operating temperature: 85°C.


Resistant to chemical agents and temperature with good dimensional stability. Excellent material for functional prototypes and simple mechanical components.


Water-soluble material ideal for printing very complex geometries in Nylon and PLA.


Material for parts that require high dimensional stability at high temperature.

TPU 95°

With a hardness of 95 ShA and elongation up to 580% at break point, it is ideal for flexible parts that must resist chemical agents such as gaskets.


Polycarbonate offers high temperature resistance with good strength and mechanical toughness. It's an excellent solution for small moulds, equipments and functional prototypes.


Polypropylene offers excellent resistance to temperature and chemical agents. Low density and fatigue resistance makes it the perfect choice for light and reliable components.