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race car suspension top mount assembly design

Due to our involvment in the analysis and problem solving related to the dynamics of very different components and their mutual interaction, we developed a special sensitivity also to look at their physical and mechanical  characteristics  and to identify critical areas to improve their performance, in terms of both functionality and reliability.

Next step toward the design of complex parts, starting from the information already available from the simulation task, was easy to take.

Finding out the origin of an unwanted vibration in a crankshaft rather than calculating the loads induced by the dynamics of a gearbox, represents the starting point for an integrated design and to ensure that the component fulfils the function.

Working closely with the component supplier, we are able to provide everything from the basic parameters for the design up to the 2D and 3D engineering drawings.

race car front suspension top mount exploded view drawing
3D model top mount race car front suspension
3D model mounting bracket race car gearbox
3D model wing support touring race car