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engineering drawing race car suspension top mount

Custom designed parts

By making use of CAD softwares for 2D drawing and 3D modeling we are able to produce engineering drawings of the components.

Single elements or complete suspensions for racing cars, torsional vibration dampers, crankmechanism for internal combustion engines rather than for industrial machineries, engine mounts or gearboxes, are just a few examples of parts that we can design.

structural analysis camber adjuster top mount race car front suspension

Structural analysis

Structural analysis is an integral part in the mechanical design process since years, especially when high performances while respecting cost and development time constraints have to be achieved.

We use FEM software and are able to accept the most common file formats such as STL, STEP, IGES.

3D prototype paddle shift actuation system sequential race gearboxes

3D printed prototypes

It's among the fastest evolving techniques in recent years and proved to be a unique tool for manufacturing prototypes in a very short time.

We use this technique for quick dimensional checks and to make functional prototypes in a wide range of plastic materials, depending on the target and operating conditions.