Experimental data processing and analysis

Testing as the final stage of development!

Experimental activities, supported by simulation techniques, keep playing a key role in the problem investigation of existing systems or in the final project validation.

Over the years we gained significant experience in dynamic measurements on mechanical systems such as internal combustion engines, vehicles, component test rigs and in data recording, processing and analysis.

experimental vibrational analysis differential case

We can assist in the preparation of measurement sessions with the support of simulation results and in experimental data processing and analysis.

Such a data are essential in the development of mathematical models in order to improve their accuracy and reliability.

We provide support on


Signal analysis in the time-frequency domain
FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
Order analysis of rotating machinery
Vibration to noise correlation
Vibration to dynamic load correlation
Identification of resonances and associated damping
crankshaft analysis correlation between simulation measurements
strain gauged rocker arms
experimental correlation between interior noise engine mount vibration